Baton Rouge Match Report - 3-7-09
Written by Sean   
     On a hot, sunny day in Baton Rouge, New Orleans traveled to Highland Road Park to meet Baton Rouge RFC for the 2nd time this spring.   This game was a tale of two halves.  New Orleans had the wind in the first half, and spent most of the time in attacking territory.  The scoring started with Matt Upton crashing the ball over the line to finish a multiple phase attack. Jarrett Falcon added the conversion which started his busy day.  Falcon then added three penalty kicks over the next 20 minutes, as New Orleans darted out to a 16-0 lead.  Baton Rouge then showed the dynamic attack they have become known for as Josh Ott exploited an overload inside the New Orleans 22 and passed to wing Seth Stevenson who finished the try.  Danny Rosenquist added the conversion. 
Halftime score - New Orleans 16 - Baton Rouge 7...
     After the lackluster finish of the first half, New Orleans came out strong to start the second half, and eventually touched down as Matt Upton recognized the overload and moved the ball to the try scorer Matt Oertling.  Conversion failed,  score 21-7.  Baton Rouge attacked the New Orleans defense with hard running from forwards and backs alike.  Rosenquist converted a penalty, resulting in a 21-10 score.   As the teams began to sub, Baton Rouge really benefitted from the fresh legs, and reserve #8 Mikee Linton received an offload from Blake Arbour around 10 meters out to score a converted try.  21-17.   A defensive miscommunication allowed Blake Arbour to streak to the try zone minutes later, but was held up in goal by a great effort from New Orleans wing Ethan Porter.  However, Baton Rouge was able to strike again from the 5 meter scrum, as they exploited an overload on the weak side.  Conversion successful, and Baton Rouge takes it first lead of the game, 24-21.  4 minutes remained as New Orleans kicked off, and was able to retain the ball.  Baton Rouge surrenders a penalty around 25 meters just right of the posts, but Falcon's kick missed wide.  2 minutes remained as BR kicked the 22 dropout, and New Orleans again went on the attack, with great ruck support and ball retention.  As the ball swung to the wide left side of the pitch, Baton Rouge committed another penalty, and an extremely exhausted Falcon got a chance at redemption from about 30 meters out.   The kick split the posts, and the score was tied at 24-24. 
Somehow, time remained on the clock, and Baton Rouge hurried to the restart, and made a last ditch effort to regain the lead.  The New Orleans defense stiffened, and a half-hearted drop goal attempt was as close as BR would get, as the final whistle sounded with the game resulting in a tie, sending two pool points to each team.

Final Score - New Orleans 24 - Baton Rouge 24

New Orleans RFC

1) Matt Upton; 2) Tony Breaux; 3) Sean Malek; 4) Matt Oertling; 5) Chris Beacher; 6) Chad Almquist; 7) Joel Mclain; 8) Kevin Kern (c); 9) Todd Fitzgerald; 10) Ricky DeCastro; 11) Ethan Porter; 12) Robby Hoffman; 13) Jeff Reuther; 14) Joe Palermo; 15) Jarrett Falcon; 16) Jimmy Courtenay; 17) Adam Massey; 18) Chase Donaldson; 19) Geoff Ormsby; 20) Peter Kengere; 21) Brad Guarisco; 22) Joey Nieto

Tries: Upton, Oertling

Cons: Falcon (1 for 2)

Pen: Falcon (4 for 6)

Baton Rouge RFC
1) Sydney Dobson; 2) Jason Mapp; 3) Jacob Verret; 4) Stefan Miron; 5) Ben ?; 6) Dutch; 7) Hank Hughes; 8) Troy Redmann; 9) Craig Gothreaux; 10) J.R. Vendetto; 11) Seth Stevenson; 12) Danny Rosenquist; 13) Josh Ott (c); 14) Eric Chris; 15) Blake Arbour; 16) Derrick Jones; 17) Hunter Guidry; 18) Mikee Linton; 19) Ray Chastain; 20) Morgan Landry; 21) ?; 22) ?

Tries: Stevenson, Linton (2)

Cons: Rosenquist (2 for 2)

Pen: Rosenquist (1 for 2)

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