Chattanooga Match Report - 1-29-11
Written by Ian McNulty   

Chattanooga Match Report - 1/29/11

NORFC 44 - Chattanooga 17

The NORFC rechristened its newly green, grassy home pitch today with a decisive win over visiting Chattanooga. It was a non-matrix game to shake out the squad for the coming spring season and was structured with three 30-minute periods. It also was the team's first home match in nearly 10 months.

New Orleans set the pace early on when the ball, taken from a Chattanooga scrum, made its way to Matt Upton who swerved and plowed his way into the end zone. Jared Falcon was good for his first conversion. A penalty kick by Falcon shortly thereafter brought the score to 10-0 at about the 10 minute mark.

The play soon fell into an extended period of knocks, turnovers and penalties, though the New Orleans defense held when it mattered and Chattanooga was unable to score on the home team's errors.

New Orleans returned to form just in time to score again right before the first period ended. This run saw a series of offloads in close quarters as Eric Mackintosh brought the ball into range, Jeff Reuther made the drive at the goal line and Rob Hoffman took a quick pass to score. Falcon's conversion put the score at 17-0 at the whistle.

Coaches began making substitutions in the second period and the home team quickly lengthened its lead. From a scrum on Chattanooga's five meter line, the ball went through hands to Ross "Screech" Bellaci who dove in to score. Falcon converted.

On a New Orleans interception the ball then went from Upton to Falcon to Paul Bode to Ryan Fitzgerald who scored under the uprights untouched. Another conversion from Falcon and a penalty kick from him shortly thereafter brought the score to 34-0 within 10 minutes of the restart.

A few minutes later David Buckingham pulled off a tap and go quick start off a Chattanooga penalty near their 22 meter line. Bode plucked a high pass out of the air to run the ball in, towing defenders, for the try. Falcon had a rare miss on the conversion.

With the clock winding down, Chattanooga made a determined run on the New Orleans end zone and capitalized on a five meter scrum to score in the corner. Their conversion sailed wide and the whistle ended the second period at 39-5.

For the third period, New Orleans put in a mostly new side of players who will be part of the team's D3 debut next week.

Your humble correspondent was called up to join the game during this period, whereupon some jokers got ahold of the official game notepad and filled it with shocking and obscene speculation regarding certain players on and off the field. Suffice to report, Chattanooga scored two tries, converting one, while Chase Donaldson scored one for New Orleans following an extended in-game tutorial on scrummaging. The third period ended 44-17.

Final Score - New Orleans 44 - Chattanooga 17

Tries: Upton, Hoffman, Bellaci, R. Fitzgerald, Bode, Donaldson

Conversions: Falcon (4 for 6)

Penalties: Falcon (2 for 2)
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