(notes from 3/21 USA Rugby South Meeting Minutes)

 Peter Steyn, Competitions Chair with input from Rod Seddon and Dominique Duffy had been working on a policy that would re establish a South D1 structure and looking forward have a set policy for promotion relegation.

 After discussion, certain amendments were made and a final copy was e mailed to all participants, and was:



USARS will pursue the goal of producing the highest caliber Rugby Football through its competitions (League Play). Promotion and relegation of clubs to higher and lower divisions through competition is the mechanism that will be used to accomplish this goal.

 For the 2011 / 2012 season, the South finalists in Div.2 will be promoted to Div. 1 and finalists in Div. 3 will be promoted to Div. 2. Other than those four teams, all other teams must declare the division they want to compete in for the 2012 season, before August 1, 2011. After this date - all Promotion/Relegation movement between divisions will be as a result of final USARS championship seeding in the preceding year.
At the end of each season the Competition Chair(s)/League Commissioners and Collegiate Director will recommend to the Executive Committee which teams are to be promoted and relegated. Based on the previous season’s final results and USARS championship seeding the following promotions/relegations will take effect. These actions are specifically directed towards senior men’s clubs and teams, the Collegiate Director may at his discretion adjust promotions/relegations as best suits the needs of collegiate men’s and women’s divisions.

a. The bottom 2 teams from USARS Div 1 will be automatically relegated to USARS Div 2 for the following year.

b. The USARS finalists from Div 2 will be automatically promoted to USARS Div 1 for the following year.

c. The bottom 2 teams from USARS Div 2 will be automatically relegated to USARS Div 3 for the following year.

d. The USARS finalists from Div 3 will be automatically promoted to USARS Div 2 for the following year.

There will be no Relegation from the Senior Men's Div 1 grade, following the 2012 and 2013 seasons.

USARS will maintain a minimum of 6 competitive teams in all Senior Men's grades.

Following each clubs decision on what 2012 competition they wish to compete in (1 Aug 2011), USARS may, at its discretion, promote additional Division 2 teams or clubs, to fulfill this 6 team minimum requirement.

Teams or clubs who fail to adhere to these promotions/relegations may be subject to USARS sanctions. These may include suspension of the team or club, for a period not exceeding 12 months, a fine not exceeding $1000, automatic relegation to the lowest USARS Championship Division - and to specifically include not being eligible to compete in any USAR national playoffs for 12 months. Clubs with more than 1 team will be automatically reduced to 1 team only. USARS may by request promote teams or clubs in addition to the teams or clubs that are promoted or relegated that season and prior to the commencement of the next 15's season.

Teams or Clubs who refuse to play or forfeit all league games, may be sanctioned by USARS. Which may include a Fine not more than $1000 or Suspension from all rugby for a period of not less than 12 months, including 15's, 7', tournaments and tours.

Teams or Clubs may at their own discretion request with their home LAU's approval and the USARS Competitions Chair to be relegated. Teams or clubs who apply for relegation, if approved, will be automatically relegated to the lowest USARS Championship division. They will not be eligible for advancement to any USAR national playoffs for a period of 12 months. Teams or Clubs must notify their home LAU Executive Committee, of their request for relegation. The parent LAU must notify USARS of this request before Aug 1st, of that same year. Any request after this date, will not be actioned until 1 Aug of the following year (12 months). All teams or clubs ask for relegation will be limited to 1 team, for a period of not less than 12 months. 

All new teams or clubs must begin play in the lowest USARS Championship Division, and may not advance except via Promotion/Relegation rules contained herein. Teams or clubs may not leave USARS or join any other Territorial Union, to evade any promotion or relegation disciplinary issues or sanctions. Teams or clubs found doing so, will be suspended indefinitely from all rugby, including 15's, 7's, Tournaments or Tours and placed in a state of Not in Good Standing until the fulfillment of any USARS sanction has been met.

Vote was: For 4, AGAINST 1, ABSTAIN 1. The motion was passed.

The Secretary was tasked with tidying up the wording and circulating for final comment before being posted to the hand Book and circulated.

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